Friday, August 18, 2017

All of these designs are examples of the types of dresses worn in each era. We will draw a bespoke design to meet your requirements.

Fairy Tale

Vintage Wedding would like to make your fairy tale wedding come true. What ever your dream is we are here to help you realize it! 


Vintage Wedding is here to help you to create your Romeo and Juliet wedding. All the romance of medieval Italy but with a happy ending! 


If you love 16th century fashion, let us create the wedding dress of your dreams, resembling the splendor of the elizabethan court dresses.


The Victorian era saw the birth of the romantic age. This was when the white wedding dress saw its rise to fame. let us create the Victorian wedding dress of your dreams.


Do you love Victorian style and costume? What about bouquets, bustles, waistcoats, and top hats? Why not Steampunk up your wedding?


The age of the Flapper, the Jazz Age, time to let your hair down and become one of those 'Bright Young Things'. Let us create a beautiful beaded or lace 1920s style dress for you. 


'The new look' was the dress style of the fifties all net petticoats and circular skirts. let us make the 1950s dress of your dreams.


Minis were all the rage in the 1960s if this is the era you love let us make a little bit of magic for you.